Donate to Bashiran Bibi for Her Hepatitis-C Treatment

Donate to Bashiran Bibi for Her Hepatitis-C Treatment

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Bashiran Bibi's Story

Bashiran Bibi, 64 years old, has recently tested positive for hepatitis-C. She contracted this disease due to a vulnerable immune system caused by her old age. She is not experiencing adverse symptoms yet, signaling that the infection can still be controlled with a treatment plan, so she has approached Transparent Hands for help with implementing her treatment.

Bashiran Bibi and her husband, both too old to work, are looked after by two of their sons. One is a laborer, who earns 15,000 PKR/month and the other is in training for becoming a commando and earns 16,000 PKR/month. Since they are both married, they not only have to look after their parents but also their own families. With so many dependents and a very limited income, Bashiran’s sons are not able to proceed with her treatment.

“We cannot afford the medical expenses so the moment we heard that the Transparent Hands organization arranges for hepatitis treatment, we immediately rushed our mother here. The doctor says that if treated well, she can recover fast. Illness is especially hard in old age so we request everyone reading this to please come to her aid, so our mother is saved before her suffering even begins.” – Bashiran’s eldest son

To help Bashiran Bibi out, all you have to do is click Donate Now and contribute an amount of your choice to her surgery expenses.

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Bashiran Bibi's Story

Bashiran Bibi, 64 years old, suffered from epigastric discomfort and fatigue. On consultation from a local hospital, she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. After complete tests, she was advised antiviral treatment for three months. Her treatment was carried out in Life Hospital from 01.07.2020 to 30.09.2020 under the care of Dr. Hafiz Hafeez Anjum. Bashiran’s PCR report turned out to be negative on completion of the treatment. Her face lit up when the doctor told her that she could stop taking the medicines. 

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