Donate to Farhad Ikhlaq for His Cochlear Implant

Donate to Farhad Ikhlaq for His Cochlear Implant

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Farhad Ikhlaq's Story

5-year-old Farhad Ikhlaq was born with sensorineural hearing loss but his condition was only discovered at the age of 6 months when his parents consulted a doctor due to his unresponsiveness to even the loudest of sounds. Initially, his condition was treated with a hearing aid but Farhad couldn’t pick up sounds even after using the aid for almost half a year. His ENT specialist then recommended for a cochlear implant to help him get hearing ability.

The implant surgery is too costly for Farhad’s father, who only makes 15,000 PKR monthly, working as a daily wager. 3500 PKR are paid in rent for the small house that this family lives in. The rest is spent very frugally in order to meet the day-to-day expenses of living in the expensive city of Rawalpindi with a family of 5 to support.

“I moved here from my village because my children were starving and it was the only place I could find a job. But everything here, including healthcare, is so very costly and beyond my reach. I could work for years and still not be able to get the necessary treatment for Farhad. But if there is even the smallest chance that a whole community could help him out, I will take it for the sake of my son’s future. I really hope the TH community can help him.” – Farhad’s father

If you wish to help Farhad, the donation process is simple and straightforward. Please click the Donate Now button to send help today.

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