Donate to Farhana Bibi for Her TAPVC Repair

Donate to Farhana Bibi for Her TAPVC Repair

Farhana Bibi
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Farhana Bibi's Story

Farhana Bibi, only a year old has been suffering supra cardiac TAPVC by birth. Initially, her parents were unaware of the fact that she was sick.

When Farhana was born, everyone was very excited, but their happiness lasted for only some time. Farhana was only 4 months old when she was diagnosed with total anomalous pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC) – a birth defect of the heart in which the veins bringing blood back from the lungs (pulmonary veins) don’t connect to the left atrium like usual.

The little baby was rushed to a local hospital in Multan when her mother saw that she was breathless. An ECHO was conducted and then she was diagnosed with the disease. Farhana remained admitted in the hospital for seven days.

Doctor’s recommended her parents take her to Lahore where Farhana needs to undergo a TAPVC repair surgery to repairthis defect. The doctors usually connect the pulmonary veins to the left atrium, close off any abnormal connections between blood vessels, and close the atrial septal defect. Without the surgery, her anomaly can lead to complications and even death may happen.

Her parents don’t have enough money to get her operated. Her father works as a labourer and earns around 12,000 rupees a month. In such meagre income, they hardly manage to make both ends meet. He is the sole earner of the household and has three more children and wife to take care of as well.

This needy child cannot wait for that long. Her health is deteriorating with each passing day. She experiences chest blockage, coughing and difficulty in breathing. Luckily, her parents found out about Transparent Hands and they immediately came to us for help.

Farhana is now scheduled for her surgery in a few days. Please donate for her so that she can get rid of her disease and grow normally like other kids.

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Farhana Bibi's Story

Farhana Bibi, 1 year old, suffered from repeated episodes of chest infection since she was born. She was diagnosed with a condition called total anomalous pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC) and was advised surgery for its repair. For this reason, she was admitted in Ittefaq Hospital and the operation was performed by Dr. Asim Khan on 08.12.2020. Farhana stayed in the hospital for five days and was discharged in a stable condition. She is recovering gradually. The surgery was conducted with the support of Pakistan Children Heart foundation and other donors. 

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