Donate to Fatima Habib for Her Cochlear Implant

Donate to Fatima Habib for Her Cochlear Implant

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Fatima Habib's Story

4-year-old Fatima started experiencing sensorineural hearing loss at birth but her condition was not diagnosed before the age of 1. Over that year, her hearing gradually declined, leading to complete hearing loss.

“By the time she was 11 months old, she became completely unresponsive to even loud sounds and that is when we noticed that something was wrong.” – Fatima’s father. 

When she was diagnosed, her parents arranged for a hearing aid but it, unfortunately, did not work on her. All hope is not lost for Fatima, however, because she has a chance to hear again through a surgically placed cochlear implant, but this is a costly procedure that her family cannot afford. Her father only earns 15,000 PKR/month and with 4 small children to support, this income is not nearly enough for even their basic necessities.

This beautiful girl deserves to experience her childhood fully.

Through our collective contributions towards her implant surgery, we can ensure that. Please donate now.

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