Donate to Feroz Gul for His Angiography

Donate to Feroz Gul for His Angiography

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Feroz Gul's Story

75 years old Feroz Gul hails from the Mardan district of KPK province. He lives in a 10-marla house that was granted to him by his grandparents. However, all these details become insignificant when compared with one fact. Feroz Gul’s life is in immediate danger because of cardiovascular complications.

“Recently, I experienced sudden pressure in my chest and then severe pain shot across my arms. I knew it in my heart that there was something wrong with my heart. But we waited for the results of the tests conducted after my family had rushed me to the Government Headquarter Hospital, Mardan. The doctors, after analyzing these tests, recommended a coronary angiography for heart pain” – Feroz Gul

Coronary angiography is a detective method in which X-ray & dyes are used to figure out the blockages in the coronary artery. In Gul’s case, once this process is completed, he will have to undergo a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). This is a procedure that can improve the blood flow through coronary arteries dramatically. It is also the procedure Gul’s family is struggling to afford.

You see, Feroz Gul’s problems are both physical and financial. Old age doesn’t allow Gul to work anymore. To manage these expensive procedures in that 12,000 PKR/ month which his son earns through labouring all day is nothing but a terrible expectation. Gul’s family has put all of its faith in one organization that can help them. Transparent Hands.

Transparent Hands is committed to helping Feroz Gul have another go at life. But it is not going to be possible without your help. Crowdfunding is nothing without a crowd, so what are you waiting for? Please donate for Feroz Gul’s angiography+ PCI to Transparent Hands today.

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Feroz Gul's Story

Feroz Gul, 75 years old, had recurrent episodes of chest pain and was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease. He was advised an angiography so the doctors could visualize the condition of his coronary vessels. He was admitted in Muhammad Sardar Khan Cardiac Center and the procedure was performed by Dr. Umar Ibrahim Paracha on 16.10.2020. Feroz was discharged the same day in a stable condition. The results of angiography revealed that he had triple vessel coronary artery disease. He is recommended a coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery to restore the blood flow to his heart.

“I am grateful that the exact condition of my heart has been identified. The constant chest pain caused a lot of weakness and I was very confused as to what was wrong with my body.”-Feroz Gul


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