Donate to Fozia Rasheed for Her Chemotherapy

Donate to Fozia Rasheed for Her Chemotherapy

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Fozia Rasheed's Story

About five months ago from today’s date, Fozia Rasheed, a resident of Lahore, first experienced what it feels like to have a tumour. From ignoring it in the beginning to consulting doctors and going for biopsies, Fozia’s life has taken an unprecedented turn of events. Doctors have recommended chemotherapy for Fozia’s cancer treatment. It says on her reports that she must continue with the therapy for at least a year, that is how she will get rid of cancer forever.

But the financial status of her family doesn’t allow Fozia to complete the chemotherapy course. A seven-member family that has to survive on 7,000 PKR’s monthly stipend that Fozia’s husband earns, Fozia’s future looks uncertain. But she is confident and hopeful. And the reason for this optimism is Transparent Hands.

“Cancer may have started the fight but I will finish it. I know things are not looking too great right now, speaking from a financial perspective. But I have put my faith in the right kind of people at Transparent Hands. I know it in my heart that kind ones still roam our world and it is those of you whom I have the highest hopes from” – Fozia Rasheed

Currently, the patient is already on a round of chemotherapy. She needs assistance with that round and then one more year of chemotherapy.

Fozia Rasheed’s life picture is one that is still in the process of being painted and we have the opportunity to make her life bright once more. To those who know how to do that, we implore you to come forward and join hands with Transparent Hands. Fozia and Transparent Hands are waiting for you.

Connect with us to donate for Fozia Rasheed’s chemotherapy!

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Fozia Rasheed's Story

Fozia Rasheed, aged 48 years, had a lump on her right breast for the past five months that kept growing in size. On medical consultation, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her oncologist advised chemotherapy for her. Fozia’s chemotherapy was conducted at Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (INMOL) under the supervision of Dr. Misbah Masood. She underwent a total of four chemotherapy sessions. Her condition has improved since the initiation of the treatment regimen.


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