Donate to George Gill for His Total Hip Replacement

Donate to George Gill for His Total Hip Replacement

Donate to George Gill for His Total Hip Replacement
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George Gill's Story

George Gill, 48 years old, started suffering from osteoarthritis 4 years ago. He felt pain in his left hip which gradually increased and started stiffening his lower back and hip muscles. He visited several doctors who gave him medicines for relief and recommended orthopedic surgery of his L4 and L5 vertebrae. George had the recommended surgery at a local hospital but his problem remained unresolved. He had to be admitted to the hospital thrice after the surgery due to persistent pain. He even had physiotherapy sessions but nothing improved his condition.

Unfortunately, George’s problem has now progressed to a point that he cannot walk without a walker. For complete improvement, he requires another orthopedic surgery- a total hip replacement.

“My pain has gotten worse with the passage of time. I am unable to walk or sit properly. It’s difficult to even lie down to sleep. There is just a constant pain throbbing in my leg and it is really difficult to cope with now.” – George

George and his wife have three children, two of whom still live with them. Unable to work in this condition, George is dependent on his wife and son, who collectively earn an amount of 33,000 PKR every month. Since they all live in Lahore, where prices are sky-high, they have to pay 13,000 PKR each month for the small house they have rented, leaving very little to support the basic needs of the family. Owing to this financial state, George and his family are unable to bear the cost of his surgery and have requested help from Transparent Hands.

With the help of your donations, George can have the surgery that would ease his pain and help him walk again.

Please donate to him as much as possible.

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George Gill's Story

George Gill, 48 years old, developed progressive stiffening in both of his hip joints due to avascular necrosis (death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply) of his femoral heads. A laminectomy (L4,L5) for his backache had been done previously. He was then advised to get a bilateral hip replacement. His second surgery took place at PSRD Hospital with help from Transparent Hands on 08-08-20 by Dr Saleem Bashir where his total hip replacement (THR) was done. He had an uneventful post-op recovery. He was discharged fully mobile after three days of being admitted in the hospital and was advised follow-up visits. Slowly, George is starting to get back to his normal way of living.

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