Donate to Ghulam Haider for His Knee Replacement Surgery

Donate to Ghulam Haider for His Knee Replacement Surgery

Donate to Ghulam Haider for His Knee Replacement Surgery
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Ghulam Haider's Story

“I have three small sons who depend on me. My youngest has thalassemia and requires special care. As a father, it is my responsibility to make sure all my children’s needs are fulfilled. I do not have the luxury to sit back and relax even if I get sick. I can barely walk due to the pain in my damaged knee but I still try to make sure I go to work every day. If I don’t, who will tend to my family?”- Ghulam Haider

 Ghulam Haider, 40 years old, is suffering from a sore knee joint for the past two years. Over the course of that period, the problem has increased to the point that he is unable to walk without bearing intense pain. When he consulted a doctor, he was told that the best possible course of treatment is a total knee replacement surgery. Using artificial parts made of plastic and metal, his knee joint will be replaced during the surgery.

When Ghulam Haider was informed of his diagnosis, he visited several hospitals in the area of Jhang, where he lives, for the surgery. The cost, however, was too high everywhere. During his best month, he barely earns 20,000 PKR a month. Now, his condition has forced him to work fewer hours so he is earning even less.

On this monthly income, Ghulam has to support his wife and 3 sons. His youngest son has thalassemia that requires regular medical attention, which is costly. On top of all that, he also has to contribute towards the expenditures of his joint family. Worried about how to arrange for his operation, Ghulam confided in a doctor who told him about Transparent Hands. Ghulam Haider immediately visited the organization’s office and requested help to conduct his knee replacement surgery.

Ghulam Haider has looked out for his family his whole life. Now, he is the one in need of help. Your support can get him back on his feet.

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