Donate to Gul Ghazan for His Cardiac Procedure

Donate to Gul Ghazan for His Cardiac Procedure

Gul Ghazan
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Gul Ghazan's Story

66 years old Gul Ghazan has been suffering from severe chest pain for the past two weeks. He waited a day for the pain to subside but upon persistent pain, he consulted a cardiologist. After a thorough examination, ECHO and ECG tests, the doctor immediately performed an angiography + PCI. Upon the findings of angiography, the doctor advised Gul Ghazan to undergo a procedure of PCI to the left anterior descending artery (LAD). PCI is a non-surgical procedure in which a catheter is used to place stents to open up blood vessels in the heart that have been narrowed by plaque.

Due to his old age and deteriorating health, Gul Ghazan has been out of work for several years now. His only son is the sole earner of the family. With a monthly income of PKR 11000 and 6 mouths to feed, he is in no position to bear the cost of his father’s treatment.

“My father keeps asking me not to spend too much money on his treatment. He says he is old enough to die but how can I see his deteriorating health? It kills me, he has sacrificed his whole life for us and now he is willing to die too. I keep telling him that he needs to stay alive for us, for his grandchildren who love him so much. Please help us, Transparent Hands is our last hope” -Gul Ghazan’s son

Through their doctor’s help, Gul Ghazan’s son has registered his case with us. We have assured him that we will help him. It is only possible through your financial help. Please donate to Gul Ghazan for his cardiac procedure and help a son save his father’s life.

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