Donate to Hamid Shafiq for His Colostomy Closure

Donate to Hamid Shafiq for His Colostomy Closure

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Hamid Shafiq's Story

“I suffered a great financial loss recently and am still struggling. I could not afford my son’s treatment myself but all the donations that came in for him last time were a godsend. I hope that once again, people support him. I hope this is the last time my son has to be in the hospital.” – Hamid’s father

Hamid Shafiq, 20 months old, was born with anorectal malformation. His anal opening was missing due to which, his colostomy was carried out at neonatal age and extensive investigations including multiple ultrasounds and a distal loopogram were carried out subsequently. Soon after, with the help of Transparent Hands, he had reconstructive surgery known as posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) to restore his anorectal function. Now, he is ready for the final surgery- a colostomy closure.

Hamid’s father had recently suffered losses in his business and lost his employment. He is supporting Hamid and three other children with the help of loans from his relatives while he tries to get back on his feet. For Hamid’s previous surgery as well, he had contacted Transparent Hands and your generous contributions came through for them. Once again, Hamid needs your help.

Your donations in this final stage can ensure Hamid gets a normal life that every child deserves.

Please donate to him.

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Hamid Shafiq's Story

Hamid Shafiq, 18 months old, was born with anorectal malformation. His colostomy and anterior sagittal anorectoplasty (ASARP) were already done. He was advised surgery (colostomy reversal). The patient was admitted by Transparent Hands in Medicare Hospital, Rawalpindi, for 5 days. The procedure was performed by Dr. Naeem Liaqat on 16-06-20. Hamid was discharged in a stable condition.


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