Donate to Hania Shahzadi for Her Colostomy Closure

Donate to Hania Shahzadi for Her Colostomy Closure

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Hania Shahzadi's Story

Hania Shahzadi, 1.8 years old, presented with high fever, vomiting, and loose motion a few months after she was born. Her parents visited a local hospital for consultation and found out that she suffers from anorectal malformation- a congenital condition resulting in a malformed stool passage. The doctor performed a colostomy on her to make a temporary passage for stool through her intestine. Hania’s parents were told to bring her back in 3 months for a second surgery- a colostomy closure. But despite repeated visits after 3 months, the hospital didn’t follow through with the appointment.

For Hania’s consultation, the family has to travel to Lahore from Sialkot. Hania’s father, Nawaz Ahmad, has had to spend a large sum on traveling expenses in the past few months because of the continuous delays in her appointment. As a daily wager who earns a small amount of 10,000 PKR a month, it is already difficult for him to support his family, without the added medical and traveling expenses.

“I have had to spend so much money on fruitless commutes to Lahore. They would call us, then tell us to come later. Where are we to stay in a foreign and expensive city? We have no choice but to go back and come again, only to be told to come later. I cannot afford it any longer. But where do I take my daughter then? She is need of a good doctor and no one will give her the time of the day.” – Nawaz Ahmad

On his last visit to Lahore, Nawaz visited Transparent Hands to request help. He hopes that he can get his daughter’s surgery done with the help of your donations.  Please donate to Hania to help us conduct her colostomy closure.

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Hania Shahzadi's Story

Hania Shahzadi, 20 months old, had her ileostomy made after her emergency surgery for Meckel’s band obstruction. She was advised surgery to reverse this ileostomy. Her surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex, on 02-05-20, by Dr. Naveed Haider. Her ileostomy was closed and intestinal continuity was restored once again. She recovered well in four days of her hospital stay and was discharged in good health.


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