Donate to Humaira Majeed for Her Sacrohysteropexy

Donate to Humaira Majeed for Her Sacrohysteropexy

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Humaira Majeed's Story

Humaira Majeed, 23 years old, has been suffering from several conditions since birth, because of which she has had a long history of hospital visits. Humaira was a baby when a colostomy procedure was done to make temporary passage for stool. Afterwards she went through an anterior sagittal anorectalplasty (ASARP) and then had a final colostomy procedure five years ago. Unfortunately, soon after these procedures, she developed obstructive ureteral stones for which she underwent ureterorenoscopy (URS) and DJ stenting.

Humaira is now facing uterine prolapse as well as pain on her right side because of a ureteric stent. She requires two procedures at the same time: a sacrohysteropexy for uterine prolapse and a DJ stent removal.

Humaira has an older sister and two younger brothers. They are all students and they live with their parents in a small rented house. Humaira’s family depends on her for livelihood because her father does not work. She works as a laborer in a factory and the entire family earns 20,000 PKR per month. With the rent and the education costs, Humera is unable to make enough money to pay for her own treatment. Once before, her procedures were conducted through Transparent Hands with your donations. She is again in urgent need of your help.

“Sometimes, having continuous health problems leaves me completely dejected. It gets so difficult to focus on all I want to achieve in life when I am in the hospital every few days. My studies get interrupted, my work gets interrupted. Some days, I don’t even see a point in trying to get better. But then I somehow find strength to fight, maybe because of all the people who always come to my aid.” – Humaira

Please donate to Humaira once again, so her treatment can be arranged as soon as possible and she can continue her studies and work.

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Humaira Majeed's Story

Humaira Majeed, 23 years old, was operated for an anorectal malformation in her childhood and an anterior sagittal anorectoplasty was done. Later, she was diagnosed with kidney stones as well as right ureteric stones. Her surgery was done by Transparent Hands and a ureteric stent was placed. She was also suffering from uterine prolapse (when the uterus descends towards or into the female genitals). She was then advised to get two more procedures done – sacrohysteropexy (involves a resuspension of the prolapsed uterus using a strip of synthetic mesh to lift the uterus and hold it in place) and a stent removal. Her surgery was performed by Dr Faisal Ahmad Zaeem and Dr Asia Nasir on 08-08-20 at Akram Medical Complex. She remained admitted in the hospital for two days and later was discharged in a stable condition. Humira has now resumed her normal way of living.

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