Donate to Israr Khan for His Laminectomy

Donate to Israr Khan for His Laminectomy

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Israr Khan's Story

“When I was young, my worst fear was growing old and dependent. I worked hard my entire life to avoid getting to that point. But luck isn’t on my side. My back has been problematic for so long now and it keeps getting worse every day. Even basic tasks like sitting up in bed seem laborious. I don’t want my children to have to wait on me. For as long as I live, I want to be able to take care of myself.” – Israr Khan discussing his situation with Transparent Hands.   

Israr Ali Khan, 63 years old, has been experiencing severe pain in his lower back for the past 8 years. Recently, his condition has aggravated to a point that he can barely sit up. He visited several hospitals in the Banu area but the doctors there weren’t able to resolve his problem and referred him to a hospital in Lahore. Upon consultation with a doctor in Lahore, Israr was advised a laminectomy and screw fixation- a procedure in which a disc from the backbone is removed to relieve pressure on the nerves and ease the pain.

Due to old age, Israr is no longer a wage earner and is dependent on his eldest son, who supports the entire family. He does not own any valuables or even a house. He lives with his family in a house loaned to them by a landlord in their village. Given their financial circumstances, a laminectomy is costly neurosurgery that Israr and his family cannot afford.

Israr has appealed to Transparent Hands for help with his laminectomy, so he can finally be pain-free and move around.

Please help us conduct his surgery!

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Israr Khan's Story

Israr Ali Khan, 62 years old, presented with severe backache radiating to the legs for the last 7 years. He was diagnosed with prolapsed intervertebral disc (L4-5) and was advised surgery to decompress it. His surgery was done in Lahore Care Hospital by Dr. Ibrar Khan, on 22-04-20. His laminectomy was done and the compressing disc was removed. He stayed for 2 days in the hospital with good post-operative recovery and was discharged pain free.


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