Donate to Jahangiran Bibi for her Abdominal Hysterectomy

Donate to Jahangiran Bibi for her Abdominal Hysterectomy

Jahangiran Bibi
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Jahangiran Bibi's Story

“It’s painful to see my mother lying on the bed all the time. She has never been like this. She is the lady who never wants to sit free even for a minute. But now, my heart aches when I see my her struggling due to her disease. I wish I could take all her pain away but I cannot. I don’t have money required to pay for her surgery.” – Jahangiran’s daughter

61 years old Jahangiran Bibi is suffering from enlarged uterus and fibroids in cervical region. She was diagnosed with this disease around one year ago. The doctor has advised her to undergo surgery but her family cannot afford expensive treatment costs.

Her husband is a farmer and hardly makes around 8,000 PKR a month. This income is not sufficient to meet their household expenses let alone her surgical procedure. Jahangiran Bibi is going through severe pain in her abdomen along with heavy menstrual bleeding which makes her bed bound most of the days. She is not even able to perform her daily household chores. The doctor has informed her to get surgery as soon as possible otherwise her health can further deteriorate resulting in loss of blood.

Jahangiran Bibi visited a medical camp arranged by Transparent Hands in her area where the doctors registered her for free surgical treatment.

 “I did everything I could for my mother’s treatment but now the cost of her surgery is beyond my reach. Please help save my mother’s life by donating for her surgery”- Jahangiran’s son

Our collective donation for Jahangiran’s surgery can save her life and bring ease into the life of her family who is currently living in miserable condition due to her health.

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Jahangiran Bibi's Story

Jahangiran Bibi, 61 years old, had lower abdominal pain and a lump protruding from her vagina. She was diagnosed to have cervical fibroids and an enlarged uterus. A hysterectomy was advised to get rid of this bothersome lump. Her surgery was done at Akram Medical Complex, on 08-11-19, by Dr Asia Nasir. She had good post-operative recovery and was discharged in good health after 3 days of hospital stay.

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