Donate to Kareem Bakhsh for His Lap. Cholecystectomy

Donate to Kareem Bakhsh for His Lap. Cholecystectomy

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Kareem Bakhsh's Story

“I wouldn’t wish this pain on my enemies. It feels like someone is scraping the inside of my stomach with a knife. I have never taken a day off from work except for an emergency but this time, I haven’t been able to go this past entire month because I can barely stand.” – Kareem Bakhsh

54-year-old Kareem Bakhsh has been unable to work for the last 25 days due to extreme stomach pain. He faced a similar episode of severe pain and vomiting about a month ago as well but only consulted a doctor when it happened the second time. An ultrasound showed a stone in his gallbladder as the cause of the pain. His doctor has recommended laparoscopic cholecystectomy for relief from his symptoms.

Kareem Bakhsh is an electrician by profession and earns daily wages which come up to an average of 12,000 PKR/month. He has 4 sons and a daughter. His daughter is married and lives separately. Three of his sons are married as well but they still live with Kareem Bakhsh, and his youngest is only 12. Kareem’s married sons only earn enough to support their own families and cannot lend him a hand financially. Managing the cost of his operation is beyond his own financial reach as well so he has requested help from Transparent Hands.

To help Kareem find relief from debilitating pain as soon as possible, please send in a contribution for his surgery today.

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Kareem Bakhsh's Story

Kareem Bakhsh, 54 years old, was suffering from upper abdominal pain and indigestion. He was diagnosed with symptomatic gallstones and was advised to get a surgery. His laparoscopic cholecystectomy took place on 19-08-20 at Bakhtawar Amin Trust Hospital in Multan by Dr Asim Shafi. He remained admitted in the hospital for two days and was discharged in perfect health. Present-day, Kareem Baksh has resumed living his normal life.

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