Donate to Khaista Rehman for His Angioplasty

Donate to Khaista Rehman for His Angioplasty

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Khaista Rehman's Story

The disease of the heart is worse than the disease of the body.  This is so true, speaking from both literal and metaphorical point of view. But you know what is worse than that? Not knowing which disease of the heart are you suffering from. This is exactly what Khaista Rehman, a 56-year old male from district Mardan is going through these days.

This series of unfortunate events started almost four years ago. On feeling a build-up of pain across his chest, Khaista got worried and did the wisest thing he could do. Visiting the nearest government hospital. An echo and medication satisfied Khaista. But after four years, Khaista is beginning to feel the downside of this medication.

“I feel like it is a slow poison that is infusing into my arteries and veins. A few days ago, I felt as if there was no feeling left in my legs. That worried me, alright. So, I visited the doctor again and now, I have been advised an angioplasty. As if I can afford one” – Khaista Rehman

So, you see, that is where all the trouble is. Angioplasty can help Khaista know what is causing this new feeling of numbness. It can even go on to show if there is something wrong with Khaista’s arteries. Based on these findings, doctors can suggest a treatment for Khaista’s abnormal cardiovascular condition. The problem? Khaista’s financial status doesn’t allow him to afford an angioplasty.

Khaista himself doesn’t work or earn, at all. His son is a daily wager, but in that 12,000 PKR that he earns, affording an angioplasty is still not possible. The four-membered family lives in a 4-marla house that is granted by the local landlord. All hopes have extinguished for Khaista except one. Transparent Hands.

He contacted us and we couldn’t say no. Not to our senior citizens. But we need your help, people. Using the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal, donate as much as you can for Khaista Rehman’s angioplasty!  

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Khaista Rehman's Story

Khaista Rehman, 56 years old, was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease and recommended an angiography along with percutaneous coronary intervention by his cardiologist. He was admitted to Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre and the procedure was performed by Dr. Abdul Rahim Khan on 21.10.2020. Two stents were placed in his blocked vessels. He stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. Khaista did not have chest pain after the procedure and he is regaining his strength gradually. 

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