Donate to Kiran Husnain for Her C-Section

Donate to Kiran Husnain for Her C-Section

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Kiran Husnain's Story

26-year-old Kiran Husnain is 23 weeks pregnant with her second baby. She has one small daughter who was delivered through a C-section, as normal labor wasn’t possible due to complications. This surgery was carried out at a private hospital with the help of a loan that this couple took from relatives. This time again, to avoid any complications, she has been recommended to deliver through a C-section but she and her husband no longer have anyone to turn to for help.

“Some of our relatives are relatively well-off so we approached them last time for a loan but we still haven’t paid them back in full. When we asked them if they could lend us money again, they refused since we already owe them so much. I understand because during this time, everyone is pressed for money but we have no one else to turn to now.” – Kiran’s husband

Kiran, her husband, and their daughter live in a small rented home in Lahore. Her husband’s monthly salary is 14,000-15,000 PKR out of which, this family only gets around 6000 PKR for their daily expenses because a huge sum of 9000 PKR has to be set aside for rent each month. With not even enough resources to put two meals on the table every day, Kiran and her husband cannot possibly pay for the costs of her operation and have requested the assistance of Transparent Hands.

To help Kiran have a successful C-section delivery, please send in your contributions today. No amount is too small to help.

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Kiran Husnain's Story

27-year-old Kiran Husnain was advised an elective caesarean section by her gynaecologist for her second pregnancy because of her previous delivery through C section. She was admitted in Noor Medicare hospital and the procedure was performed by Dr. Nuzhat Zahoor on 06.10.2020. She had a beautiful baby girl and was discharged in a satisfactory condition after two days of hospital stay. Kiran and her baby are doing well.

“Me and my husband are delighted to welcome our second baby girl. She is in perfect health despite the complications I was facing. God has been very kind to us.”- Kiran Husnain

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