Donate to Komal Mushtaq for her Cystoscopy + VVF Repair

Donate to Komal Mushtaq for her Cystoscopy + VVF Repair

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Komal Mushtaq's Story

“Ever since I was able to understand things, I’ve seen my father in pain. I’ve seen him bedridden for most of his life. I’ve seen poverty eating up our family. I’ve seen my siblings sleeping without food. I’ve seen my mother crying alone at nights due to our hardships. I don’t understand why we are being tested again and again. My disease has created another tension in my family’s life. It has crushed their hopes. We don’t know where to go for help. These big hospitals demand a lot of money which we cannot pay.” – 15 years old Komal Mushtaq

15 years old Komal looks way mature than her age. All her life, she has lived in a miserable condition due to her father’s illness and her family’s poor financial condition. In addition to their struggles, Komal has been diagnosed with Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) – an abnormal fistulous tract extending between the bladder (vesica) and the vagina that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vaginal vault. The doctor recommended her to undergo surgery as soon as possible for relief.

Komal’s family cannot afford her expensive surgical treatment. Her father is a heart patient and on medications from 41 years. He is unable to work and earn as it affects his health. Komal has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. They all live in a small house in a village near Kasur. Komal’s family depends on her elder brother who works as a laborer and earns around 15,000 rupees a month.

This family is now looking up to your support for Komal’s surgery. This 15 years old bright student wishes to complete her education and do something for her family.

Komal cries endlessly for hours thinking she’ll never be able to complete her education due to her poor health

Donate for her surgery now and help her fulfill her dreams!

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Komal Mushtaq's Story

Komal Mushtaq, 14 years old, was suffering from cyclical lower abdominal pain since puberty but was not getting her menses. She was diagnosed to have urogenital sinus, ectopic ureter and bicornuate uterus with a closed vaginal orifice. Her vaginoplasty was done during the first stage of treatment. Later on, her ureterocystostomy was carried out. Urinary discharge from her genital tract still persisted, however. After further check-up, she was found to have vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) and was advised another surgery to repair it. Her cystoscopy and VVF repair was done at Akram Medical Complex, on 03-12-19, by Dr Faisal Zaeem. She recovered well during the four days of hospital stay and was discharged in good health with follow up advice.

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