Donate to M. Ali Abbas for His Hernioplasty

Donate to M. Ali Abbas for His Hernioplasty

Muhammad Ali Abbas
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Muhammad Ali Abbas's Story

Muhammad Ali Abbas, 32 years old, has been experiencing pain and discomfort in the groin region for the past three years. Upon consultation with a doctor, he was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia. He requires hernia repair surgery known as hernioplasty in order to find relief from the pain permanently.

When his symptom worsened in the last year, he and his family tried very hard to find someone to help them with the cost of the surgery but to no avail. Ali himself is not financially stable. He lives with a mental disability and has special needs, due to which he cannot work.

“Ali’s father passed away around 12 years ago due to tuberculosis. I have worked really hard to raise him and my 4 daughters on my own. I would put in over 15 hours of work a day at the mill that hired me, so that my children would get to eat every day. Now I am too old to work. My bones are tired and don’t move. I don’t have a lot of life left in me and every day, I just worry about what will happen to Ali when I pass away. He cannot take care of himself on his own and there is no one else to look after him.” – Ali’s mother

Ali lives with his mother in a small, one-bedroom space in Khanewal. He has four sisters, who are all married and live separately. His day-to-day expenses, as well as that of his old mother, are borne by his sisters and relatives who all pitch in a little bit. Ali’s surgery cost, however, is much too high for any of them, so his sisters consulted Transparent Hands for assistance and his case was promptly registered. 

We feel that Ali deserves every bit of help he can get for his surgery and are now collecting donations for him. If you want to play a part in his recovery, please don’t hesitate to donate to him today!

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Muhammad Ali Abbas's Story

Muhammad Ali Abbas, 32 years old, was experiencing pain and swelling due to right inguinal hernia which kept increasing in size. After some time, his condition got worse and he was rushed to the hospital. He was advised to get surgery to relieve him from this pain. His herniorrhaphy was done on 17-08-20 at Abid Hospital in Mian Channu by Dr. Adnan Ahmad Raza. He remained admitted in the hospital for two days and recovered well. Later he was discharged in good health. Muhammad Ali Abbas has resumed his normal way of living.

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