Donate to Mai Hanifan for Her Hand Rehabilitation

Donate to Mai Hanifan for Her Hand Rehabilitation

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Mai Hanifan's Story

A year and a half ago, in July of 2018, Mai Hanifan lost all the fingers on one of her hands in a terrible accident. While operating a grass cropper to make animal feed, her hand got stuck in the machine and amputated her fingers.

“I am constantly in a state of fear and anxiety now. This accident was very traumatic and unbearably painful. It isn’t just physical pain. The thought of losing my hand forever is so difficult to deal with emotionally as well. I feel helpless. I cannot work or tend to my little children properly, or even take care of myself. My practical life has come to a halt but I want to get back to it urgently.” Mai Hanifan

Aged 44, Mai Hanifan is the mother of 4 children, who are all under the age of 10. Her husband, a driver by occupation, earns 28,000 PKR a month. This just about covers the family’s household expenses as well as the school fees of all the children.

Ever since her accident, Mai Hanifan and her husband have had many sleepless nights. They visited several doctors to inquire about hand rehabilitation. Although it is a possibility, the cost of the procedure is beyond the family’s financial means. The couple then heard of and contacted Transparent Hands to facilitate the surgery.

With your assistance, Mai Hanifan can get back to using both hands and resume her normal life.

Please contribute whatever you can towards her rehabilitation procedure.

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Mai Hanifan's Story

Mai Hanifan, 44 years old, had an accident while working on an animal feed cutting machine and lost her fingers on her left hand. She was advised an artificial cosmetic hand prosthesis to aid in day to day working. Her hand prosthesis was applied at Hope Rehabilitation Center by Dr. Naila. Mai Hanifan is happy and adjusting to it well.

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