Donate to Mehar Khan for His Craniotomy 

Donate to Mehar Khan for His Craniotomy 

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Mehar Khan's Story

Mehar Khan, 80 years-of-age, has been suffering from a brain tumour for the last six months. He has been feeling weak for a while but didn’t take it seriously. Recently, Mehar Khan developed high fever and weakness in the right side of his upper body and both his lower limbs.

His nephews rushed him to the nearest local hospital. There the doctors ran a few tests, including a CT scan and an MRI and the grandfather of three, Mehar Khan was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The results in all of the tests conducted on Mehar Khan indicated that he needs surgery as soon as possible. The doctors advised him to get a craniotomy for removal of the tumour.

For better understanding, a craniotomy involves making an incision in the scalp and removing a window of bone from the skull. This allows access to the inside of the skull and brain, and the tumour is excised (removed) and biopsied.

When Mehar Khan was told that he needed surgery and the cost of it, he broke down in tears. He lives with his daughters, who are all married and has a son who is also married. He works for the Pakistan Army and earns about PKR 23,000 a month. He supports his father as well as his own family from this income. No matter how much money Mehar Khan would save or borrow, it wouldn’t cover the expenses of such a major operation.

Luckily, Mehar Khan’s nephews found out about Transparent Hands and got their grandfather registered with the organization in priority.

Our support can help get Mehar Khan back on his feet so please consider donating to his cause today. Each contribution will pave a way for his recovery.  We have taken up his case and need your help now!

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Mehar Khan's Story

Mehar Khan, 80 years old, constantly experienced weakness on the right side of his body. He was unable to walk as well. On consultation and investigation, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor (meningioma). He was advised excision of tumor through a surgical procedure called craniotomy. For this purpose, he was admitted in Lahore Care hospital and the surgery was performed by Dr. Abrar Ullah Khan on 18.10.2020. Mehar stayed in the hospital for five days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. He is slowly getting on with his routine life.

“My father had gotten very weak. This surgery was crucial for his wellbeing. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who donated for my father’s life-saving surgery.”- Mehar Khan’s son

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