Donate to Muhammad Amjad for His Hand Prosthesis

Donate to Muhammad Amjad for His Hand Prosthesis

Muhammad Amjid
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Muhammad Amjad's Story

“He is unable to work, eat, or do anything with one hand. Please help him get a left mechanical functional hand. He is not able to earn and provide for his family, and the guilt is eating him alive.” -Amjad’s wife

Muhammad Amjad, 38 year-of-age, has a left below the elbow amputation since the year 2005. He has survived more than thirteen years without a hand, but with time it has gotten even more difficult. While cutting fodder, his hand accidentally came into the machine which resulted in crush injury and the doctors amputated his left hand below the elbow as a life saving procedure.

His surgery was done at a local hospital and Muhammad Amjad was devasted. Getting used to living life and working without a hand was a great adjustment for him. Since then, he has been experiencing difficulty in eating, working and performing his daily chores with one hand. He went to many hospitals and doctors recommended him to get a left-hand prosthesis made for normal living but that is very costly and beyond his reach. In 2018, a generous man helped him get a prosthetic hand. It’s been two years and now his hand is damaged due to wear and tear. Now, he requires a new hand prosthesis. Muhammad Amjad is the only earning member of the family. He works as a hawker and relies on daily wages. He manages to hardly earn PKR 10,000 which is not sufficient enough to feed his family of seven people including his wife and five little kids. They requested many local hospitals for free prosthesis, but nobody paid attention to them. Then, luckily through someone he found out about Transparent Hands and immediately visited our office and requested for help. Amjad is now scheduled for his fitting of a left mechanical functional hand prosthesis. After his procedure, he’ll be able to start his work normally like before. But it won’t be possible without your support.

“I’m unable to earn and support my family due to which we are struggling every day. Please support my cause. I need your help.” – Muhammad Amjad

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Muhammad Amjad's Story

Muhammad Amjad, 38 years old, had an unfortunate accident fifteen years ago when he sustained an injury on his left arm while using the fodder cutting machine. He was taken to the hospital and his arm had to be amputated below the elbow. This caused a huge setback in his work as his efficiency decreased because of the loss of his arm. The doctors recommended an artificial arm with hand for him. Initially, an acquaintance arranged for the artificial arm for him. This arm got worn out later on. Due to which, Amjad needed a replacement. His second artificial arm was arranged by HOPE Rehabilitation Center. Muhammad Amjad’s new below elbow prosthesis was fixed by Dr. Khalid Niaz Niazi on 29.12.2020. It has enabled him in management of his daily life activities and helped him become more independent.

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