Donate to Muhammad Arsalan for His Total Hip Replacement

Donate to Muhammad Arsalan for His Total Hip Replacement

Muhammad Arsalan
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Muhammad Arsalan's Story

17-year-old Muhammad Arsalan suffered from a grave injury around 4 years ago in a roadside accident. A car hit him, cracking his hip bone. With great difficulty, his family arranged the money for his emergency surgery, however, the operation didn’t go as planned and resulted in further damage to his bone. As a result, Arsalan experiences pain while walking now. In order to correct the damage, he needs to undergo a hip replacement surgery.

“I was walking with him when the accident happened. When the car hit him, I was almost sure he was going to die. Thank God, his life was saved. He did sustain a lot of damage to his hip and my father and I worked day and night to make sure we could arrange the money for his operation. It was so disappointing to find out the surgeon had been incompetent and had messed up his operation. Given our financial situation, we really only had one chance at this operation. Now, we have no way to get it conducted again on our own.”Arsalan’s elder brother

Arsalan has 4 family members. His father works as a laborer and his elder brother is a mechanic. Together, they earn 20,000 PKR to support the household. Their expenditures include 6000 PKR rent, utility and grocery bills as well as Arsalan’s school fees. They do not have the resources to get an expensive orthopedic surgery conducted on their own. Arsalan’s father hopes that Transparent Hands can help them out.

With your donations, Arsalan can get his hip replacement surgery and walk painlessly again.

All contributions, big or small, count.

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