Donate to Muhammad Azlan for His Open-Heart Surgery

Donate to Muhammad Azlan for His Open-Heart Surgery

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Muhammad Azlan's Story

“When Muhammad Azlan started crawling, his mother noticed a certain lethargy in his movements. He tires out really easily and his heart-rate becomes abnormally fast when he uses his walker to try to walk. His appetite is poor and he also gets sick just after eating. We were worried about these symptoms so we took him to a doctor, who told us that he has a heart defect. He is our only child and means the whole world to us. It is so hard to think that his tiny heart isn’t working properly and that his life could be in danger.”– Muhammad Azlan’s father, Khalid Hussain

When 1-year-old Muhammad Azlan started exhibiting adverse symptoms, Khalid Hussain took him to a local hospital in Hyderabad in order to make sure everything was fine with his son. The doctor there ran his ECHO test, which revealed that he has a congenital heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). He has four different abnormalities in his heart, all of which affect his heart’s structure and hence, its ability to circulate blood through his body. The consequences in Azlan’s case are breathlessness, poor appetite, fatigue, and pale skin.  It was also discovered that he has a moderate ventricular septal defect (VSD). Having this condition means that there is a hole in the wall that divides the lower chambers of his heart. This can cause high pressure in the heart and further reduce the efficiency of circulation. In order for Azlan’s heart to function normally, he requires open-heart surgery- a total correction.

Khalid Hussain, a worker at a private factory, earns 26,000 PKR a month. Most of his pay-check is used to accommodate monthly household expenses. His family consists only of himself, his wife and child so this salary was enough to support them until they had to move into a rented house a couple of years ago. Since then, Khalid has to pay a hefty sum of 8000 PKR every month for rent and the family has had to cut back on a lot of expenses. They are unable to pay for Azlan’s open-heart surgery because it is a costly procedure. Through the internet, they discovered Transparent Hands and immediately decided to contact for help.

Azlan’s parents hope that you can come to the aid of their only child. Please donate generously to make sure his heart defects can be corrected.

Every contribution counts!

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Muhammad Azlan's Story

Muhammad Azlan, 15 months old, had breathing difficulty and cyanosis since birth. He was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and was advised open-heart surgery for corrective repair. His surgery was done in Ittefaq Hospital through Pakistan Children Heart Foundation on 30-05-20, by Dr. Muhammad Asim Khan. His total correction was done. He had good post-operative recovery and was discharged in a stable condition after 5 days of hospital stay.

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