Donate to Muhammad Bilal for His Abdominoperineal Pull-Through Surgery

Donate to Muhammad Bilal for His Abdominoperineal Pull-Through Surgery

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Muhammad Bilal's Story

Muhammad Bilal’s parents’ prayers were finally answered when he was born. They were overjoyed and distributed sweets in their entire neighborhood. However, their happiness did not last long as Bilal was diagnosed with a congenital defect called anorectal malformation (ARM) which means that he had absent back passage since his birth. The doctors performed a colostomy surgery on him on the second day of his life. Post-surgery, Bilal underwent fortnightly check-up for two months and was advised surgery to make his back passage. The surgery advised for him is called abdominoperineal pull-through surgery in which intestine is brought to the skin at its usual site. Bilal’s family did visit the hospital again repeatedly but were not given an appointment for the surgery.

Now, Muhammad Bilal is 3 years old. His parents are very distressed since they cannot afford his surgery and hate to see him in pain. His father works in a shoe shop and earns only PKR 20,000 per month. The entire family depends on his earning.

“My son’s final surgery has been postponed several times. We are tired of visiting the hospitals again and again. We wish our son to get out of this misery and lead a happy healthy life.”– says Muhammad Bilal’s mother

Your financial help is not only urgently needed but will also be deeply appreciated by Bilal’s family. Please do consider making a generous donation for him!

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Muhammad Bilal's Story

Muhammad Bilal, aged 4 years, a resident of Lahore was diagnosed to have been suffering from anorectal malformation (ARM) since birth. On the second day of his life, he underwent colostomy for intestinal obstruction. The doctor advised him to undergo Abdominoperineal Pull Through procedure. For this purpose he was admitted to Akram Medical Complex and his pull-through procedure was performed by Dr. M. Bilal Mirza on 05.04.2021. He stayed in the hospital for five days and was discharged in a stable condition.

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