Donate to Muhammad Faheem for His Open-Heart Surgery

Donate to Muhammad Faheem for His Open-Heart Surgery

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Muhammad Faheem's Story

“Faheem gets sick so often, ever since he was born. He is really weak as well, mostly irritable and tired. We didn’t think much of it until he started running a really high fever frequently. We took him to our district’s local doctor who suggested an ECHO test for further investigation. The ECHO report revealed that he has a heart defect. It is the worst news I have ever received. To find out that my baby boy needs heart surgery when he is not even 2 years old was heart wrenching.” Faheem’s mother talking to TH

Muhammad Faheem, 1.8 years old, has a congenital heart condition called ventricular septal defect (VSD). The wall separating the lower chambers of his heart has a hole in it. Usually, a small defect can heal on its own. In Faheem’s case, the defect is large and interferes with effective circulation due to which, his heart needs to work harder. In order to treat the condition, he needs cardiac surgery- a VSD closure.

Faheem’s parents, after finding out about their son’s condition, immediately went to the city of Lahore to seek professional help. However, even after struggling for months, they weren’t able to get an appointment with a cardiac surgeon at the local hospitals there. They couldn’t turn to private hospitals because a major procedure such as an open-heart surgery is very expensive. Faheem’s father, Muhammad Naeem, has a very modest income which is just enough to support his wife and child.

During one of the hospital visits during their struggle, they found out about Transparent Hands and decided to ask for help with their son’s surgery.

This little boy has his whole life ahead of him. Let us make sure it is a healthy one!

Please donate to Muhammad Faheem for his open-heart surgery.

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Muhammad Faheem's Story

Muhammad Faheem, 2 years old, was experiencing dyspnoea on exertion since birth. He was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD) and was advised open heart surgery to close it. His surgery was done at Ittefaq Hospital through Pakistan Children Heart Foundation, on 15-01-20, by Dr. Asim Khan. He had good post-op recovery in ICU and ward care for 5 days. He was discharged with stable vitals and in a satisfactory condition.

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