Donate to Muhammad Kashaan for His Cochlear Implant

Donate to Muhammad Kashaan for His Cochlear Implant

Muhammad Kashaan
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Muhammad Kashaan's Story

Muhammad Kashaan, 5 years old, has suffered from sensorineural hearing loss since birth but was diagnosed at the age of 1 year. His parents noticed his unresponsiveness to the loudest of sounds and took him for a check-up. They found out that he does not have the ability to hear and because of that, he will also not be able to speak.

Kashaan was fitted with a hearing aid for a few months but his responses did not improve. His parents visited another hospital to make sure that the device was working but upon re-examination, they were informed that Kashaan’s problem cannot be resolved with an aid. He requires a cochlear implant to be able to hear.

Kashaan is fourth in a line of five siblings. He lives with his family in a modest dwelling in KPK. His father, a salesman by profession, earns close to 14,000 PKR/month. He can hardly manage to support his family of 6 with this amount, much less afford an expensive implant surgery.

“To all my kind brothers and sisters out there: please help my son. His entire future could be reinvented with this surgery so I earnestly request your assistance with it.”- Kashaan’s father, Abdul Rasheed

Kashaan’s only way to experience hearing is if we all pitch in for his operation. To play your part, please donate today.

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Muhammad Kashaan's Story

Muhammad Kaashan, a five-year-old resident of Charsadda, had sensorineural hearing loss since birth. His parents took him to the hospital for his checkup. The doctor, after evaluation, advised Muhammad Kaashan to undergo cochlear implant surgery. He was admitted to National Hospital, Lahore. His operation was performed by Dr. Naveed Aslam on 29-04-2022 and the internal component was fixed. The surgery was successful and Kaashan was discharged the same day in a stable condition. The external component of his cochlear implant was installed after six weeks. He can hear his parent’s voices and all the sounds of the world now.

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