Donate to Muhammad Mirza for His Prosthetic Limb

Donate to Muhammad Mirza for His Prosthetic Limb

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Muhammad Mirza's Story

Around 5 months ago, 48-year-old Muhammad Mirza was involved in a terrible road accident on his way to work from his village. He sustained severe damage to his right leg. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and through his brother’s contacts, was able to have an emergency surgery in which his right leg was amputated above the knee. Muhammad Mirza recovered from this surgery over a period of a month with regular medication to manage pain. Now, a recent check-up has confirmed that Muhammad Mirza has recovered enough for the placement of a prosthetic limb.

An estimate of the costs of getting an artificial limb was provided to Muhammad Mirza by the hospital where his amputation surgery was performed. It is well beyond his means to bear these costs. Before his accident, he was working as a laborer earning barely 10,000 PKR/month. With 7 dependents (wife and 6 children), he was already facing trouble making ends meet. Now, with no job and no mobility, his financial condition has deteriorated even further. But even multiple adversities have not dampened his good-natured spirit.

“I was so sure I would never be able to walk properly again. Imagine my delight when I found out that nowadays, doctors can make you a fake leg! I was so surprised. Of course, when they told me what it would cost, I thought that I might never be able to have this procedure. But help always finds you somehow. It was purely by chance that I found out I can apply for donations through this organization. Let’s see now. I hope it all works out.” – Muhammad Mirza

Muhammad Mirza is in dire need of financial help to get a prosthetic limb placed. A contribution from you can make all the difference.

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Muhammad Mirza's Story

Muhammad Mirza, 48 years old, had a road accident in which his right leg got badly injured one and a half years ago. He was taken to CMH hospital where his below-knee amputation was done. His wound healed well and he has advised an artificial limb which was very costly for him. His procedure was done by Dr. Sohail on 01-07-20, in Hope Rehabilitation Center Lahore. His artificial leg was successfully applied.

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