Donate to Muhammad Rafique’s for His Total Knee Replacement

Donate to Muhammad Rafique’s for His Total Knee Replacement

Muhammad Rafique
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Muhammad Rafique's Story

53-year-old Muhammad Rafique hails from Kasur city and earns his bread by selling tea at a tea stall. Muhammad Rafique’s tale is not about some sudden health issue he had to face. Rather, he has suffered from osteoarthritis (grade 4) in both the knees more than six years now. During this time period, Muhammad Rafique tried several medication courses to relieve pain that made his life miserable to the last core, but nothing worked for him too effectively. Please keep in mind that Mr Rafique works at a tea stall, a job that requires more standing than sitting. During his visit to the PSRD healthcare facility in Lahore, the doctors advised him to go for a right total knee replacement surgery. Mr Rafique suffers from osteoarthritis in both knees, and a total knee replacement one after another  might just do the trick for Muhammad Rafique.

In a total knee replacement, the diseased joint is replaced with artificial material of some sort. This facilitates movement and practically eliminates the knee pain that people like Mr Rafique suffer from. It is an effective method of treating osteoarthritis, which must have you wondering why Muhammad Rafique hasn’t gone for it? Well, here is the answer in Mr Rafique’s own words:

“My monthly income is around 12,000PKR/month. It is enough to provide us with meals, but that is all. I cannot imagine a point in my life in the near future, where I see myself in a position to fund my total knee replacement surgery all by myself. No, unless some guardian angel comes down and takes care of me, I will have to live with this pain forever”

But of course, he won’t have to. Transparent Hands has decided to help Muhammad Rafique have his total knee replacement surgery. But it is a feat that is impossible to achieve without your help. Are you interested in helping a man stand properly so that he can earn for his family? If your answer is affirmative, you must donate for Mr Rafique’s total knee replacement surgery NOW!

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Muhammad Rafique's Story

53-year-old Muhammad Rafique was diagnosed with bilateral knee osteoarthritis and was recommended a total knee replacement surgery (right side first) by the orthopedic surgeon. He was admitted in PSRD Orthopedic hospital and his surgery was performed by Dr. Saleem Bashir on 07.10.2020. Rafique stayed in the hospital for six days and was discharged in a stable condition. The surgery would improve his knee function and he would be able to walk and bend his knee, tasks that caused intense pain in the past.

“I have endured this pain for six years now. This surgery is literally going to change my life!”- Muhammad Rafique


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