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Donate to Muhammad Ramzan for His Arthroplasty

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Muhammad Ramzan's Story

“He can only lie on his right side because his left leg constantly hurts and he is always groaning in pain. Bearing the pain of a bone fracture at his age is especially hard. My father was already so depressed because he feels betrayed by his sons since they don’t look after him. This accident has further worsened his mental state. I often catch him praying for death.”- Muhammad Ramzan’s daughter

Muhammad Ramzan, 81 years old, fell from a height 8 months ago and seriously injured his left leg. He was rushed to the hospital where an X-ray revealed that the left neck of his femur had sustained severe damage and to recover, orthopedic surgery would be required. Since his family couldn’t pay for the operation, they brought him home and managed his pain with pain killers. But without the operation, his leg persistently becomes stiff and painful and is unable to support his weight. His mobility has been brought to an abrupt halt.

Muhammad Ramzan cannot work to earn at such an old age. Therefore, he is completely dependent on his children but unfortunately, his sons do not contribute anything to his expenditures.

“My eldest son lives abroad. Months go by and I don’t hear from him. He never sends home any money. My other son lives in Pakistan but separately, with his own family. He also barely comes by or helps out. Only my daughter looks after me and pays for my expenses by cutting back her own. She earns a very small amount but chooses to share even that with us. If she weren’t around, I don’t know how an old man like me would have survived.” – Muhammad Ramzan

Muhammad Ramzan’s daughter is solely responsible for his financial needs but her very limited income cannot support the cost of this surgery.  She has registered her father’s case at Transparent Hands hoping that enough donations can be collected for Ramzan’s operation.

Ramzan has already borne many disappointments in life. Let us not turn our backs on him. Please donate today to help relieve his pain.

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Muhammad Ramzan's Story

Muhammad Ramzan, 81 years old, presented with a fracture in the left neck of his femur about 9 months ago. He was treated conservatively, resulting in avascular necrosis of the femoral neck. Now, he presented with an inability to bear weight on his left leg and was advised total joint arthroplasty. He was operated on by Dr. Abdul Latif Shahid on 18-07-20. The patient remained admitted to Lahore Care Hospital for 3 days. He was discharged in a stable condition.


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