Donate to Muhammad Shafi for His Rt. Below Knee Prosthesis

Donate to Muhammad Shafi for His Rt. Below Knee Prosthesis

Muhammad Shafi
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Muhammad Shafi's Story

About 20 years ago, 49-year-old Muhammad Shafi was involved in a terrible road accident on his way to work from his village. He sustained severe damage to his right leg. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and the doctors performed an emergency surgery in which his right leg was amputated below the knee.

Muhammad Shafi recovered from this surgery and with help from the organization PSRD, got an artificial leg attached to him. He survived 3 years with the prosthetic leg but due to wear and tear, the leg got damaged. With help from relatives, he managed to get the prosthetic leg fixed. Now, the artificial limb is damaged to the extent where M. Shafi cannot walk with it anymore. This has also affected his ability to go to work every day and earn for his family.

He has been jobless for a while now and his physical health is also taking a toll on his mental health. His wife is the sole earner and manages to earn PKR 8000 every month which is hardly enough to feed the family a meal per day.

With 4 dependents (wife and 3 children), he was already facing trouble making ends meet when he had a job. Now, with no job and no mobility, his family’s financial condition has deteriorated even further.

Luckily, he found out about Transparent Hands and has come to us for help. Now we need your generous donations to get him the help he needs.

“Help always finds you somehow. It was purely by chance that I found out I can apply for donations through this organization and get another prosthetic leg. Let’s see now. I hope it all works out in my favour.” Muhammad Shafi

Muhammad Shafi is in dire need of financial help to get a prosthetic limb placed. A contribution from you can make all the difference.

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