Donate to Muhammad Suban for His Open-Heart Surgery

Donate to Muhammad Suban for His Open-Heart Surgery

Donate to Muhammad Suban for His Open-Heart Surgery
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Muhammad Suban's Story

“He was having trouble breathing so we got him checked for a chest infection. It was then that the doctors found out that he has a hole in his heart. We got really worried obviously but the doctors reassured us that the condition is treatable. While that is a huge consolation, arranging the money for my son’s surgery is proving very difficult for me. I even tried to get loans from friends but no one can afford to lend me money right now. I want to get my son the urgent medical attention that he needs but with such a limited income, I don’t know how to manage that on my own.”- Suban’s Father, Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Suban, 1.5 years old, has a large ventricular septal defect (VSD). Having this condition means that there is a hole in the wall that divides the lower chambers of his heart. This can cause high pressure in the heart and reduce the efficiency of the circulation. It has also caused lung congestion in Suban’s case.

The doctors advised Suban’s parents to take him to Lahore for the surgery. Here, they visited a couple of local hospitals in hopes that the treatment would be more affordable. However, the waitlist for treatment at those hospitals is very long. Muhammad Usman cannot afford to get his son admitted to a private hospital either. On just 14,000 PKR a month, he can barely pay for the monthly expenditures of his family. The family does not even own their own house and have been granted living quarters inside a mosque because Muhammad Usman works as an Imam there.

As their final hope, they came to Transparent Hands and requested assistance.

Your help can make Suban’s heart function normally again.

Please contribute whatever you can to his surgery.

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