Donate to Muhammad Usman for His Hernia Repair

Donate to Muhammad Usman for His Hernia Repair

Muhammad Usman
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Muhammad Usman's Story

20 years old Muhammad Usman Haider’s hernia has had him writhing in discomfort for some time now. But before we narrate Usman’s woes, let us briefly tell you about hernia in case you don’t have any idea about this disease. The simplest and the crudest definition of Hernia tells us that it is the protrusion of an organ through the muscular wall that holds it. We are sure that sounded unpleasant, now imagine the life Usman must be living with this terrible condition!

If you are thinking that there is no treatment for hernia and that us why Usman has to live with this disorder, you are mistaken. There does exist a treatment that Usman’s doctors have recommended as well. It is called mesh repair, a surgical procedure in which a tissue scaffold is installed which blocks the protrusion. The reason why Usman hasn’t undergone this process yet is the familial financial status. Describing the plight, Usman says:

“I feel asking for expenditures of my surgical treatment from my father is too much. In that 30,000 he earns, he has to provide for a family of six. Living under the roof of that 10-marla house are my two unmarried sisters and a grandmother as well. In circumstances like these, my hernia mesh repair will be an added burden on my parents. Instead, I and my family have put our hopes in an angel who has the potential to save us. It is Transparent Hands.” 

At Transparent Hands, we have decided that we will make sure that Usman receives the best possible treatment for his hernia. But we cannot do that alone, we need your help. You know what to do. Come and join hands with Transparent Hands by donating for Muhammad Usman Haider’s surgery for hernia. A family has put their faith in us, we are putting ours in you! 

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Muhammad Usman's Story

Muhammad Usman Haider, 18 years of age, was suffering from extreme pain in his right groin area. After checkup, he was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. He was advised a mesh hernioplasty - a type of hernia repair surgery where a mesh patch is sewn over the weakened region of tissue. His surgery was done on 29-09-2020 by Dr. Shabbir Ahmad at Bakhtawer Memorial Hospital. He remained admitted in the hospital for three days after his surgery and was discharged with good health, returning back to his normal life.


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