Donate to Mumtaz Bibi for Her Lap. Cholecystectomy

Donate to Mumtaz Bibi for Her Lap. Cholecystectomy

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Mumtaz Bibi's Story

54-year-old Mumtaz Bibi has been suffering from pain in her right hypochondriac area along with vomiting and abdominal stretch for the last one year. She has been diagnosed with cholelithiasis and doctors have advised her surgery to remove the gallbladder for permanent relief. For the last 6 months, her symptoms have gotten much worse but despite visits to many doctors for free surgery, she got no response. On her own, it is impossible for her to pay for the surgery.

Mumtaz Bibi got married about 20 years ago but she and her husband did not have any children. Almost three years ago, her husband passed away too. Since then, she has been living in a small house granted to her by the government on a temporary basis. She sometimes scrapes together a little bit of money by buying a goat or sheep, raising it for a few months, and then reselling it. On average, this process earns her 2000 PKR a month. Sometimes her elder brother also lends a hand with her expenses but since he has a family of his own too, he cannot spare much, unfortunately.

When she found out about Transparent Hands, Mumtaz Bibi took a chance and asked for help.

“My parents have passed away. My husband has passed away. I have no sons or daughters. I am just struggling on my own because everyone I approached for help turned me away. I have no one left to ask after this. Please don’t turn me away this time.” – Mumtaz Bibi

Mumtaz Bibi has no one to depend on and fights for her survival each day. We, as fellow humans, can lessen her suffering by helping her with her surgery.

Please donate now to ensure that she receives your help on time.

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Mumtaz Bibi's Story

Mumtaz Bibi, 54 years old, was suffering from pain in the right hypochondriac area with vomiting for the last one year. She was diagnosed with cholelithiasis. For the last 6 months, her pain was increasing. Her lap. cholecystectomy surgery was done in Abid Hospital by Dr. Abdul Saeed Sajjid, on 02-06-20. She was discharged in a good condition after 3 days of stay in the hospital.


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