Donate to Najma Bibi for her LS C-section

Donate to Najma Bibi for her LS C-section

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Najma Bibi's Story

Najma Bibi, 28, is pregnant with her fifth child and is 30 weeks along. All four of her previous deliveries were C-sections. This time as well, she requires an elective LS C-section to deliver her child.

“My husband has the burden of the entire family on him. His parents, little siblings, his own children and I, all depend on him. He has to work from early morning till night, just so we won’t go hungry. There is just no money left to save. Now my fifth child is on the way and I am worried about how we’ll pay for my delivery operation. I approached my maternal family for help but no one is currently in the position to lend us any money. Even if they do, how will we ever pay them back? My due date is getting nearer every day and with that, I get more and more stressed.” Najma Bibi

Najma stays with her husband, Muhammad Yaseen, as part of a joint family. Yaseen is the eldest son in the house. He takes care of Najma, their 4 children, as well as his own parents and siblings. The entire family of 12 lives in a small house in Lahore. Yaseen and his younger brother work as daily wagers and in total, they earn around 15,000 PKR a month. Since Yaseen’s father suffers from a mental disability, a major portion of their income is spent on his medication. The rest barely covers the household expenses and the school fees of Najma’s 2 school-going children.

A costly procedure like a C-section is not within Najma’s financial means. The only asset her family owns is the small house that they live in. They do not have any valuables or savings. In order to find help, Najma and her husband contacted Transparent Hands.

With your assistance, we can facilitate Najma’s C-section and make sure her baby is safely delivered.

Please donate to lend her a helping hand.

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Najma Bibi's Story

Najma Bibi, 30 years old, was pregnant with her 5th child. She was advised a C-section due to 3 previous surgeries for child birth. Her C-section along with bilateral tubal ligation was done on 29-01-20, at Noor Medicare Hospital, by Dr Munnaza Malik. She was happy to give birth to a baby girl. She stayed for three days in the hospital and was then discharged along with her healthy baby.


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