Donate to Naseer Munir for his Removal of JJ Stenting

Donate to Naseer Munir for his Removal of JJ Stenting

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Naseer Munir 's Story

“We have lived from hand to mouth all our lives. When he got the job, I was little relieved that finally our living condition is going to improve but his disease has shattered all our dreams. Naseer is my hardworking and obedient son. He has always made sure to provide us with everything but now, when he needs my support the most, I’m unable to do anything. I’m failing him as a father. I’m failing my beloved son because of poverty.” – Naseer’s father

22 years old Naseer has been struggling since last 2 years due to his disease. He was diagnosed with Multiple Bilateral Renal Calculi – stones formed in the urine collecting area (the pelvis) of the kidney. Naseer underwent his first surgery; “Right Pyelolithotomy” earlier this year to remove his painful stones and a JJ stent was placed. The doctor has advised him to remove the stent now.

Naseer belongs to a poor family. He lives in a small town of Punjab with his parents and 6 siblings; all are younger than him. Naseer is working as a laborer in a factory earning only 15,000 PKR a month. His father also supports the family by selling fruits from door to door. Even their collective income is not enough for them to have a decent lifestyle. Naseer’s disease has made him too weak to go to work. Luckily, he underwent his procedure for right kidney through Transparent Hands and now he needs your support for his second surgery.

“I wish to give a better life to my parents and siblings but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to turn my dreams into reality. My body is giving up slowly and so are my dreams.” – Naseer

Donate and let this young man fulfill his dreams!

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Naseer Munir 's Story

Naseer Munir 24 years old young man was suffering from pain in his flanks. He was diagnosed to have bilateral renal and ureteric stones. He was advised Ureteroscopy (URS) to remove the stones. His procedure was done in Akram Medical Complex by Dr. Faisal Zaeem on 19-09-19. His bilateral URS, Lithotripsy and DJ stenting was done to clear the stones. He was discharged in satisfactory condition after 8 days of hospital stay.

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