Donate to Nasima Nazir for Her C-Section

Donate to Nasima Nazir for Her C-Section

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Nasima Nazir's Story

Nasima Nazir, age 38 years, mother of three, is currently 37 weeks pregnant and is expected to deliver her fourth child in just a few weeks’ time. If all goes well, this will be Nasima’s fourth delivery but is actually her fifth pregnancy; one of her pregnancies resulted in an unfortunate miscarriage. All three of her previous babies were delivered through C-sections and because of her history of complicated pregnancies, she is scheduled to deliver through a C-section instead of normal labor this time as well.

Nasima had all her previous deliveries at local hospitals for free because of her financial status. Her husband only earns 12,000 PKR/month and cannot afford to pay for the operations. This time, however, she is still being kept on the waitlist and hasn’t been called in for an appointment. Nasima has now sought the help of Transparent Hands for an appointment.

“The delivery date is looming over my head and I have no place to go for my operation so I am praying with all my heart that I can find help soon before something happens to this baby.” – Nasima Nazir

If you feel Nasima deserves your help, send in your contributions today so we can arrange for her delivery as soon as possible.

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Nasima Nazir's Story

Nasima Nazir, 38 years old, was about to have her 5th childbirth. She had surgeries done for previous childbirths. This time she was advised elective surgery again. Her C-section was done on 18-07-20 in Noor Medicare Hospital, by Dr. Aisha Muzzafar. She was happy to give birth to a baby girl. She stayed for 2 days in the hospital and was discharged along with her healthy baby.

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