Donate to Nasreen Akhtar for Her Lap. Cholecystectomy

Donate to Nasreen Akhtar for Her Lap. Cholecystectomy

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Nasreen Akhtar's Story

Nasreen, 48 years of age, has been experiencing abdominal pain along with distention, stretch, and discomfort for the past six years. She visited her local hospital and was diagnosed with cholelithiasis, commonly known as stones in the gallbladder. Doctors have advised gallbladder removal surgery to her for permanent relief, but she does not have enough resources for it. Meanwhile, her pain has become acute and unbearable in the last month.

“I had just started recovering from hepatitis-C because I had been getting treated for it. Unfortunately, by the time that eased a little, this condition started acting up and causing vomiting and constant pain in my stomach. I feel miserable.” – Nasreen Akhtar

Nasreen lives in Sahiwal with her husband and 3 sons in a small apartment lent to her by her brother. All of the children are of school-going age and hence completely dependent on their parents.  Her husband works in a construction company and earns 12,000 PKR/month which is barely enough to meet basic day to day needs.

Recently, Nasreen came to know about Transparent Hands and she immediately came here for help with her surgery. She is now scheduled to undergo a cholecystectomy in a few days and her surgery will only be possible with your kind support.

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Nasreen Akhtar's Story

Nasreen Akhtar, 48 years of age, was suffering from cholelithiasis for the last six years. She was advised to get a surgical procedure in which the gallbladder is removed. Her lap. cholecystectomy was done on 27-09-2020 by Dr. Abdul Saeed Sajid at Abid Hospital. She remained admitted in the hospital for two days after the surgery and was discharged in a stable condition, resuming her normal life.


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