Donate to Nasreen Bibi for her C-section

Donate to Nasreen Bibi for her C-section

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Nasreen Bibi's Story

“I am pregnant with my third child. I have some complications which restrict me from giving birth naturally. I do not want to lose my child. Doctors have said if I don’t get a C-section, my baby or I could come to harm. I want to give my baby a healthy life and be there for my children. But I cannot afford the cost of the surgery. Please help me.” – Nasreen.

Nasreen is a 25-year-old woman who is expecting her second baby. She has one other child; a 1.5-year-old daughter. Her first childbirth was a C-section delivery as well, at a local hospital in Kasur. Because Nasreen has already gone through a C-section before, her condition does not allow natural birth. This means that this time around, her delivery has to be cesarean again.

Nasreen lives with her husband and daughter in a small house lent to them by her parents-in-law. Her husband has 3 other kids from a previous marriage that also live with them. He works as a daily wager and earns around 10,000-12,000 PKR a month to support 6 family members. The only asset owned by the family is a small piece of land in Kasur.

The C-section surgery advised to Nasreen is too expensive for her. Her husband tried to talk to different hospitals but no one was helpful. They even went to the hospital where she had her previous delivery, but they couldn’t help her this time. Nasreen’s husband is not capable of paying the medical expenses at a private hospital. After many stressful nights, Nasreen and her husband found out about Transparent Hands and contacted for free surgery.

Your donations will save the life of a mother and her child!

Please donate for Nasreen’s C-Section.

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Nasreen Bibi's Story

Nasreen Bibi, 22 years old, was about to deliver her 2nd child. Her previous childbirth was a C-section. This time again, she was advised elective surgery because of poor progression of labour. Her C-Section was done on 06-12-19, at Noor Medicare Hospital, by Dr. Munazza Malik. She was happy to give birth to a baby girl. Nasreen Bibi stayed for two days in the hospital and was then discharged long with her healthy baby.