Donate to Nawab Khan for His Right Knee Replacement

Donate to Nawab Khan for His Right Knee Replacement

Nawab Khan
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Nawab Khan's Story

70-year-old Nawab Khan from Gujranwala is suffering from a sore knee joint for the past two years. Gradually, the problem has exacerbated and he is no longer able to walk without bearing intense pain. He has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the right knee and the best possible course of treatment is a right total knee replacement surgery. In this surgery, his knee joint will be replaced using parts made of plastic and metal.

When Nawab khan was informed of his diagnosis, he visited several hospitals in the area of Gujranwala for the surgery but the cost was too high everywhere. Having worked strenuous jobs all his life, he sustained a lot of damage to his affected knee over time, which reduced his ability to work for longer hours. Slowly, his income also dwindled down. Nawab now barely earns 10,000 PKR a month and has to support his wife and 5 kids with this income alone. He has accumulated a loan of 450,000 PKR in the past few years as well, which he took to build a small house for his family.

“I am stuck in a very difficult situation right now. I do not want to sell the home I have worked so hard to build, for my operation. That would leave my family homeless. But without treatment, my condition can further deteriorate my mobility and put me out of work altogether. Who would feed my family then?” – Nawab Khan talking to TH.  

Nawab doesn’t have to feel so alone in this tough time. Let us all show solidarity with him by contributing whatever is possible to his operation!

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Nawab Khan's Story

Nawab Khan, 70 years old, was suffering from bilateral knee osteoarthritis. His right knee was affected more than his left one. He was advised a joint replacement to get his mobility back. A total knee replacement (TKR) for his right leg was done on 11-08-20 at Lahore Care Hospital by Dr. Zahid. He remained admitted in the hospital for four days and recovered well. He was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Slowly, Nawab Khan is returning back to his normal life.

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