Donate to Noor Ul Ain for Her Elbow Prosthesis

Donate to Noor Ul Ain for Her Elbow Prosthesis

Noor Ul Ain
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Noor Ul Ain's Story

“She is unable to play and eat even with her own friends in school. She struggles when using one hand. As she grows older, her need for her left-hand increases. Please help her get an elbow prosthetic for her left hand.” -Noor Ul Ain’s mother

Noor Ul Ain, 10 years of age, is suffering from the absence of her left hand below elbow level by birth. As time passed by and Noor got older, her parents realised her need for a left hand.

Initially, they thought Noor was managing with one hand. But now she needs an artificial arm and hand more than ever. She can’t play or eat comfortably in school. She faces difficulty with everything from carrying her backpack to opening the door. Her confidence and self-esteem is extremely low due to these factors.

Her parents took her to a public hospital to ask for suggestions. The doctors recommended her to get a left below the elbow prosthetic for like normal living but that is very costly and beyond her parents reach.

Noor Ul Ain’s father is the only earning member of the family. He works at a private firm and earns about 20,000 PKR a month out of which they pay rent worth PKR 7000 a month.

This family of four hardly manages to make both ends meet. In such circumstances, it is impossible for them to pay for Noor’s prosthesis expenses. Luckily, one of Noor’s fathers’ colleagues told him about Transparent Hands and he immediately came here for help.

Noor is now scheduled for her below elbow prosthesis for her left hand. After this procedure, she’ll be able to live a normal life just like kids her age.

Donate for her prosthesis fitting procedure now! All contributions count.

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Noor Ul Ain's Story

Noor Ul Ain, aged 10, a resident of Lahore was suffering from the absence of her left hand below elbow level by birth. For this purpose she was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Centre where she received her prosthetic arm after consultation by Dr. Khalid Niazi on 05.03.2021. She is now looking forward to adjusting to her new arm after which she will gradually learn to use it. Her family is hopeful for her to regain her confidence and self-esteem as well.


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