Donate to Nunni Bibi for her Hernioplasty

Donate to Nunni Bibi for her Hernioplasty

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Nunni Bibi's Story

Nunni bibi, 59 years old, has experienced health issues for almost 8 years now. Around 7 years ago, she was operated on for paraumbilical hernia. Only 2 years after the procedure, the problem returned. She was diagnosed with recurrent paraumbilical hernia. Because of this, for the past year, Nunni bibi has been experiencing pain and swelling in the umbilical area as well as vomiting. For permanent relief, the doctors have recommended surgery- a mesh hernioplasty.

“Around 9 years ago, my husband passed away. I was jobless and alone, with 4 children to protect. We managed to get by because our relatives and neighbors lent a hand financially. But now I am facing a serious health problem that is going to get expensive. They have already been so gracious. I cannot expect them to pay for my surgery. I have no assets to sell. Even the house that I live in has been lent to me by one of the village landlords out of the goodness of his heart. I don’t know how to arrange for this surgery on my own. But without it, my condition would keep getting more painful.” Nunni Bibi

Nunni Bibi, her daughter and 3 sons rely solely on financial assistance from their neighbors and relatives. Nunni Bibi’s health does not allow her to work and her school-going children cannot earn either. The family does not own any assets or even have a house to their name. Their small dwelling has been granted to them by the head of their village.

When the doctors advised a hernioplasty, Nunni Bibi visited several local hospitals in the hopes of getting her surgery done for free. However, her condition is worsening and there is still no prospect of getting an appointment. When she learned of Transparent Hands, she immediately registered her case.

Your donations can help us conduct Nunni Bibi’s hernioplasty and relieve her of this painful condition.

Please consider donating towards her surgery.

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Nunni Bibi's Story

Nunni Bibi, 60 years old, presented with recurrent lump around her umbilicus which was diagnosed as recurrent paraumblical hernia. She was advised surgery to fix it. Her operation was done at Abid Hospital, Mian Channu, by Dr Abdul Saeed Sajid, on 07-02-20. Her mesh hernioplasty was done. She had good post-op recovery and remained admitted for two days. She was discharged pain-free and in perfect health.

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