Donate to Ramzana Imran for Her C-Section

Donate to Ramzana Imran for Her C-Section

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Ramzana Imran's Story

Ramzana Imran, 25 years old, experienced difficult prolonged labor during her previous pregnancy due to which, her baby was delivered via lower segment C-section (LS CS). This time around, her second baby is also scheduled to be delivered in the same way but the procedure is proving to be unaffordable for the family.

“I am overjoyed that we are going to be blessed with a second child. My daughter used to get lonely and longed for a sibling. We have even shortlisted names. Of course, the celebration is also tinged with worry because I would require an expensive surgery to deliver my child and we don’t have any savings. But, I have faith in people’s ability to help each other out. I just know that somebody will come through for us.”- Ramzana

Ramzana’s husband is a rickshaw driver who earns, on average, 12,000 PKR a month. With this, he has to feed 3 mouths and run the small house they live in. The house rent alone costs him 6000 PKR monthly, leaving behind very little money for other expenses. A few months ago, Ramzana worked as a housemaid and contributed to the monthly expenses but since she is now really far along her pregnancy, she cannot work any longer. The couple sold their livestock and valuable ornaments for the first delivery. Left with no funds for the second, they visited several local hospitals for a free procedure but were unsuccessful. They have now approached Transparent Hands and asked for help.

Your generous contributions can make sure Ramzana has every facility to safely deliver her second child.

Please donate to her for her C-section.

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Ramzana Imran's Story

Ramzana Imran, 25 years old, had her 2nd pregnancy. She was advised C-section due to her previous surgery for child birth. Her C-section was done on 25-02-20, at Noor Medicare Hospital, by Dr Munnaza Malik. She was happy to give birth to a baby boy. She stayed for two days in the hospital and was discharged along with her healthy baby.


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