Donate to Raqeeba Younis for her Open Heart Surgery

Donate to Raqeeba Younis for her Open Heart Surgery

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Raqeeba Younis's Story

For Raqeeba Younis, at the young age of 27, normal everyday tasks are very difficult. She puts on a brave face and sets about her chores, but even slight exertion leaves her gasping for breath.

Raqeeba has a congenital heart condition-Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). This means that she has not only one, but four different abnormalities in her heart, all of which affect her heart’s structure and hence, its ability to circulate blood through her body. The consequences are breathlessness, a blue tinged skin, fatigue and occasional fainting.

“When she was little, we often noticed that she got tired really quickly while playing with us. The rest of us ran around the streets for hours. She mostly rested. If she ran too much, she wouldn’t be able to catch her breath. We used to get scared that she’d stop breathing altogether.” Raqeeba’s sister

Raqeeba’s parents, in the hopes of getting their child cured, visited many hospitals in Wazirabad and Lahore. The doctors all advised a TOF corrective repair, which would require an open heart surgery. The surgery is daunting enough on its own, but the family has graver problems still. Raqeeba’s father, a labourer and sole breadwinner, earns close to 15,000 PKR a month. This money goes towards supporting three of his children that live with him, his wife and himself. He owns no other property apart from the small house that they all live in. Some days, it is hard for them to even put food on the table.

“People like us cannot afford to get our hearts fixed. That is just the way it is. Some have the luxury to spend as much as they want casually. I am not envious of them. I just wonder at the distribution of resources in this world because here I am, unable to spend money to cure myself.” Raqeeba

Raqeeba’s family learned that Transparent Hands has been able to help such cases before. They immediately reached out for help. It is their earnest hope that this platform would be able to lend a hand to them.

Your generosity could mean a whole lot to them in their predicament

Please contribute towards Raqeeba’s surgery!

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Raqeeba Younis's Story

Raqeeba Younis, 27 years old, had dyspnoea on exertion since birth. She was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot (TOF) for which she was advised TOF repair. Her surgery was done at Ittefaq Hospital, on 22-01-20, by Dr. Muhammad Asim Khan. She stayed for 6 days in the hospital and had good post-op recovery. She was discharged with stable vitals and in good health.


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