Donate to Razia Zahid for Her C-Section

Donate to Razia Zahid for Her C-Section

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Razia Zahid's Story

“I have lost 3 children in the past 5 years. We got hopeful every time but complications arose and resulted in three consecutive stillbirths. It was very draining and upsetting. We had almost given up trying for a child. Finally, I got pregnant for the fourth time, and this time, fortunately, the pregnancy is not as difficult. My doctor says that the baby’s development is fine and I am not exhibiting any alarming symptoms. I pray to God every day to let this be it, let this be the time we finally experience the joy of parenthood.”- Razia talking to TH.

Razia, 25 years old, is currently pregnant for the fourth time. Unfortunately, all her previous pregnancies ended in stillbirths due to pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) – a condition in which blood pressure runs abnormally high during pregnancy. This time, she has managed to make it through the complications and is 33 weeks pregnant. Her baby is healthy and her doctors have advised a C-section delivery.

Razia’s husband, Muhammad Zahid, works at a factory and earns about 19,000 PKR a month. Since he also has to support his own parents and siblings, this is barely enough to meet the expenses of his family. Most months, he struggles to fulfill daily basic requirements. Hence, paying for his wife’s surgery is impossible for him. When he heard about Transparent Hands, he reached out to ask for help.

Muhammad Zahid and Razia hope that through your donations, their child can be safely delivered.

Every contribution makes a difference.

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Razia Zahid's Story

Razia Zahid, 25 years old, had her 4th pregnancy. She was advised a C-section surgery due to the previous 3 surgeries for child birth. Her C-section was done on 28-02-20, in Maqsooda Zia Hospital, Faisalabad, by Dr Sadia Hammad. She was happy to give birth to a healthy baby. She stayed for two days in the hospital and was discharged along with her healthy baby.