Donate to Rubina Pervez for Her C-Section

Donate to Rubina Pervez for Her C-Section

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Rubina Pervez's Story

33-year old Rubina Pervez lives in Lahore and is currently pregnant for the third time. Her previous two experiences? One adorable daughter and one abortion. The birth of her daughter was courtesy a C-section and for the upcoming delivery, doctors have recommended a lower segmentation C-section surgery as well.

Lower segmentation Caesarean section or commonly dubbed as LSCS is the most common type of C-section. In this surgical procedure, an incision is made to minimize blood loss during birthing. A cut is made a little above the urinary bladder’s connection with the uterus. The location of this incision is the lower segment, hence the process is called lower segmentation C-section. The biggest benefit associated with this type of C-section is the quick recovery of the maternal tissues.

But Rubina will not be having a LSCS. Unless, of course, circumstances change dramatically. You see, Rubina’s financial status doesn’t allow her to have the luxury of a C-section surgery. Quoting Rubina:

“2020 has been a tough year. The lockdowns may have saved millions of lives, but the lockdowns have crippled the domestic economy. I used to earn much more than what I am earning right now through daily wages and other hustles. In that 15,000 PKR/month I earn, I am supposed to manage my LSCS. To be honest with you, I am quite worried about the fate of my baby” – Rubina Pervez

Despite 2020 being a tough year, Rubina has some happiness coming in near future. But circumstances threaten to tarnish her happiness. She still has one hope i.e. Transparent Hands. The nonprofit was deeply moved by the state of affairs of Rubina’s life and decided to do something for her. It is our initiative but we cannot achieve the required goal without your help.

We are not going to beat about the bush. Donate and donate now for Rubina Pervez’s LSCS via Transparent Hands!

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Rubina Pervez's Story

Rubina Pervez, 33 years old, was recommended a lower segment Caesarean section by her gynaecologist for her twins pregnancy. She was admitted in Noor Medicare hospital and the procedure was performed by Dr. Nuzhat Zahoor on 19.10.2020. Rubina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and a baby boy. She was discharged in a stable condition after three days of hospital stay. Rubina and her twin babies are in superb health. “We are blessed with not one but two bundles of joy. Me and my husband are delighted. I was very scared this time since I had an abortion before. However, God has been very kind to us.”-Rubina Pervez    

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