Donate to Saba Shamsheer for Her C-Section

Donate to Saba Shamsheer for Her C-Section

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Saba Shamsheer's Story

Saba Shamsheer, 20 years old, is pregnant with her second child and is 8 months along the pregnancy. Her first child, who unfortunately passed away 2 days after birth, was born through normal delivery but this time, after thorough examination, her doctor has recommended her to undergo a C-section to deliver.

Saba is currently living at her parents’ house, recently separated from her husband. Her father is retired and supports his family with the small pension he receives each month. Saba’s younger sister works as a housemaid to contribute to the household expenses as well but despite all her hard work, her income still falls short of meeting all the expenses. Each month, 6000 PKR have to be set aside for rent alone.

“My family is already under so much strain and I do not want to burden them with my responsibility too. There is no possible way they can raise the money for my operation and I am unable to help with anything right now. I am on my last month and can barely move.” – Saba

Saba hopes that her C-section can be conducted with the help of your donations so her child can be safely delivered.

To support her, please donate for her surgery!

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Saba Shamsheer's Story

20-year-old Saba was about to have her 2nd child. She was advised a lower segment caesarian section (LSCS) as for her previous time. Dr. Aisha Muzaffar performed the procedure on 23rd September 2020 at Noor Medicare Hospital. Saba stayed in the hospital for three days and was discharged in a stable condition. She is overjoyed on the birth of her baby and both, mother and the baby, are doing well.

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