Donate to Sabiha Bibi for Her Laparotomy

Donate to Sabiha Bibi for Her Laparotomy

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Sabiha Bibi's Story

“When my husband fell ill, I had to take over most of the responsibility. I worked as a house-maid in different places so I could earn enough to pay for his medical expenses. Of course, it wasn’t enough. We eventually had to sell our home and move in with his parents. Now I have fallen ill too and that means even more stress for us. I can’t even work properly. We are in no position to pay for my surgery.”- Sabiha Bibi

Sabiha Bibi, 29 years old, has a cyst in her right ovary. This causes bouts of severe pain in her lower abdomen. Despite painkillers, the pain persists, enough to cause nausea. The only solution is a surgical procedure- a laparotomy to remove the cyst.

Sabiha and her husband live with her parents-in-law in Khanewal. Her husband had a stable job until about a year and a half ago when his kidneys started failing. Within a span of a year, both his kidneys lost their function. He also suffered from an attack of hemiparesis- a condition in which half the body experiences weakness. Because of these issues, he is unable to work. On top of that, Sabiha’s condition has rendered her unable to work as well. Hence, the couple does not have any source of income right now.

In their search for help with Sabiha’s surgery, they found out about Transparent Hands.

Help Sabiha Bibi find relief from her symptoms.

Please donate for her surgery.

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Sabiha Bibi's Story

Sabiha Bibi, 30 years old, had rt. lower abdominal pain for many years. She was diagnosed to have a complex rt. ovarian cyst. She was advised surgery for removal of her cyst. Her laparotomy and rt. ovarian cystectomy was done at Abid Hospital, Mian Channu, on 18-02-20, by Dr Sadaf Aqeel. She stayed for 3 days and had good post-operative recovery. She was discharged in perfect health.

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