Donate to Sabira Sultana for Her Angioplasty

Donate to Sabira Sultana for Her Angioplasty

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Sabira Sultana's Story

“Our father passed away almost a decade ago. At that time, none of us were married. My mother was raising 5 children on her own. She protected us, made sure we had everything we wanted. She gave up all her own wishes for us. Now, in her hour of need, we will be there for her. We will find her the help she needs in any way we can. May she live a hundred more years; she is our whole world.” – Sabira’s youngest son

Sabira Sultana, 57 years old, is a patient of ischemic heart disease and has been so for 3 years now. When she started experiencing adverse symptoms, she consulted the doctors in her village who asked her to visit a cardiologist in the city of Karachi. The specialist said that she would most likely require a stent and advised her to get an angioplasty performed for further investigation.

“When we found out that my problem is related to the heart, I got really worried. Heart conditions need urgent attention but we cannot arrange the kind of money that would require.” – Sabira Sultana

Sabira lives with her youngest son and his family and has no income of her own. Her son supports the household with a very modest income. A big portion of that is spent on renting the small house that they stay in. With all their monthly expenditures, any medical expenses are impossible to accommodate. Unable to get an appointment anywhere for a free procedure, Sabira and her children have turned to Transparent Hands for help.

With your contributions, Sabira has a chance of managing her heart condition before it deteriorates further.

Please donate generously to her!

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Sabira Sultana's Story

Sabira Sultana, 50 years old, was experiencing chest pain and dyspnoea on exertion. She was diagnosed as a case of ischemic heart disease and was advised angiography and stenting. Her procedure was done in Patel Hospital, Karachi, on 04-02-20, by Dr. Rizwana Yaseen. She was found to have multivessel coronary artery disease for which 3 stents were placed. She stayed for 2 days and was discharged pain-free.


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