Donate to Safia Khalid for Her Hysterectomy

Donate to Safia Khalid for Her Hysterectomy

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Safia Khalid's Story

“I was becoming ghostly pale so I got my blood tests done. My hemoglobin level is down to almost 10 because of the heavy bleeding and at my age, my blood cannot be replaced as quickly. This is why my doctor has been urging me for months to have the surgery but that is easier said than done. We live off of my husband’s limited pension and hospitals tend to overcharge for the smallest of procedures. I cannot afford it.” – Safia Khalid

Safia Khalid, age 55 years, has been experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding for the past four years. She has uterine fibroids, a condition in which benign tumors develop in the uterus, causing constant bleeding and pain. Despite taking medicines for relief, the bleeding has worsened over the past month or so and has led to anemia and weakness. To fully recover, Safia needs to have her uterus removed through a surgical procedure known as hysterectomy.

Safia lives in a small one-bedroom home with her 2 sons and 2 daughters. The only earner in the family is her eldest son, who earns 15,000 PKR/month, which is not nearly enough to cover all the expenses of this family. Due to the tightness of money, Safia has put up with her symptoms for years but they are becoming progressively worse now.

Even a small contribution to Safia’s surgery from each one of us can amount to a lot.

We can all play a part in her recovery. Please donate now.

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Safia Khalid's Story

Safia Khalid, 41 years old, was suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding for the last 4 years. She was advised hysterectomy surgery to remove her uterus. Her surgery was done on 20-07-20 in Noor Medicare Hospital, by Dr. Aisha Muzzafar. She stayed for 2 days in the hospital and was discharged in perfect health.

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